M & M has been providing credit brokerage services to our client’s since 2003. In that time we have grown to become one of the most reputable mortgage brokers in London.  We have over decade worth of experience in developing and building relationships with lenders in the market.  Through our knowledge of the lending market we at M and M are able to assist you in finding the right lender.  Our aim is to offer a first class hands on service whilst sourcing finance solutions to meet your needs and circumstances.


At M & M we are regulated by the FCA enabling us to advise you of your borrowing decisions. If you are buying a property or looking to re-finance your current deal we are strategically positioned to help you with your mortgage. Our long term relationships with lenders and knowledge of the UK regulated market gives us a distinct advantage in helping you achieve your goals. We develop partnerships with the families and companies that we advise.  Through our insurance services and wealth management capabilities we are able to compliment our mortgage brokerage offering.  This significantly reduces the time and effort you will spend on all aspects of your property loan.

High Net Worth Loans

At M & M we have the capability of finding the right deal whether your property is for investment purposes i.e. a buy to let or if it is owner occupied. If you are seeking a loan of £1m+ then we have the right expertise in the high net worth space to help you achieve your goals.  Our extensive partnerships with private banks and asset management firms gives us the ability to source lending for complex and dynamic scenarios.  We have relationships both onshore and offshore to meet your needs.   Individuals are constantly having to adapt to new regulatory changes in the high net worth space, we make it our priority to ensure that our work adheres to these changes.

Commercial Loans

Having grown over several years within the financial sector, M & M is now one of the prominent Commercial Brokers in London. With extensive expertise of wide array of commercial sectors in lending, we are able to suit the specific needs of all organisations for commercial mortgages and business loans. Whether you are looking to start, expand, refinance or develop your business. We are here to assist you achieve your goal.

Strong relationships have been formed with commercial funders onshore and offshore which enables us to serve you in a timely and efficient manner. Our lenders include all of the household names together with other leading institutions specialising in all aspects of commercial funding. Our ultimate aim is to secure you the best deal the market has to offer.