M & M offers independent insurance brokerage services with a high level of expertise in insuring business commercial risks and private individuals, their families and their assets. Arranging your business or private insurance through M & M General Insurance Services will ensure that you have been provided with right level of insurance protection for the right level of cost. We offer a smooth and transparent process from beginning to end providing all our clients the confidence that we are working actively and accurately with their best interests in mind.  We always aim to build long term relationships with our clients and are proud to state that a main focus at M & M is longevity through Integrity, Proficiency and Trust.

Commercial Insurance

We arrange insurance for companies from a wide range of industries to protect them from a growing number of commercial risks. In addition to the more obvious risks for which business insurance is needed, legislation and industry regulations demand insurance cover for a variety of obligations and risks, in which we will also have expertise.

It is our job to have a deep understanding of the many insurable risks faced by companies, large or small, and to help explain to our clients how these can be insured against through robust and competitive commercial insurance using the country’s most respected and reliable insurers.

The UK insurance market offers a wide range of commercial policies, including many that are specially designed for certain types of risks and companies. Our insurance advisers have a keen knowledge of these and will advise you on the merits of one policy over another to ensure you arrange the most suitable insurance protection at a competitive premium.

With the help of our knowledge and expertise your business insurance arrangements can be designed to pinpoint exactly what needs to be insured and to what level, to ensure you have the right level of protection throughout the year.

We arrange insurance for companies covering risks such as:

  • Commercial Combined Risks Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicles Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Liability Insurance – Employers / Product/ Public
  • Property Owners Insurance

Property Insurance

Property owners insurance, whether commercial or residential and buy to let homes requires specialist insurance protection. Our specialist property owners insurance policies offer bespoke insurance protection for both the residential and commercial market whilst catering for buy to let insurance, landlords insurance and blocks of flats insurance.

As a property owner, landlord or manager you are faced with a variety of possible insurance risks, from structural problems with the property, to disputes with tenants. There is no single policy that will cover everything, it is unwise to simply buy off-the-shelf. We can personalise your cover to your requirements.

The value of the property and potential income you may be expecting from it warrants a serious look at the insurance requirements. Like many other businesses, there are specialist polices to suit all property types and owner needs and so having our property insurance advisers advise you will make a big difference to the outcome.

If you are a property owner, developer, landlord or manager, we can give expert advice on planning and managing your property insurance.

Private Clients

Our private clients enjoy the peace of mind that their house insurance for buildings and contents, their cars, holidays, pets and valued possessions are arranged through highly respected insurers with a reputation for high quality customer service, solid insurance protection, and competitive premiums.

Whilst the Internet has made personal insurance easier to arrange, our day-to-day knowledge of the personal insurance market gives us the opportunity to find insurance policies and services often not advertised elsewhere. In addition our close working relations with underwriters allows us to offer preferential terms and lower premiums in some cases.

Insuring your home and personal valued possessions warrants care and attention if it is to really give you the protection you expect. Choosing the right insurance policy is vital if you are to be sure that you, your family, home and personal possessions are truly protected throughout the year.

Our personal insurance advisers will be happy to advise you on your personal insurance needs and offer you a range of policies at competitive premiums, whilst explaining the merits of each to ensure you make the right choice.